What kind of change do you want? As individuals, as a country, we are asking for change. Change for the better. We want to slim our bodies, keep our money safe. We want blue-sky vacations and a sense that we, as rare individuals, have something golden to contribute to the world.

How do we get these things?

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

We know we must change our thinking to change our lives.

The first step, the number one, is to allow ourselves some spirituality.

You may be asking – “Wait, I am going to change my life by Uberduck AI becoming spiritual? I’m not spiritual, I don’t pray or burn incense. I want to use science, to understand my brain and take practical steps.”

Here is the brick wall we hit when traveling down that rational road:

If YOU are your MIND, you cannot effectively change it.

It is like wanting to change the oil in your car, but refusing to get out of the driver’s seat.

Stepping out of the car, letting go of that steering wheel of “control” and thought, standing back from it – is the first step to “fixing” anything. If your mind, your vehicle, is not able to get you where you want to go, you must be able to see yourself outside of it – in order to change.

YOU are NOT your THOUGHTS. Feel this. There may be a constant set of words running through your head, perhaps your own voice as narrator of your world… It could be saying right now “Isn’t my consciousness… me? I think, therefore I am, right? If I am not that voice, then what am I?”

However you define the “YOU”-ness, the one who may stand back and witness your thoughts – is up to YOU.

Perhaps you would like to see yourself, the most essential “I” in an “I want change” statement, as a soul. Maybe this “I” is a vibration. Maybe this “I” is truly only what a man in a white labcoat could show us; simply a biochemical reaction, or impulses of electricity in a brain.

However this process truly works, and however you see yourself, to change your life by changing your mind, you must be able to step out of that driver’s seat.

By Admin