Celebrities are the icons for their fans and followers. Their efforts,Guest Posting their skills and talents give them fame and success. Indeed they ride the wave of popularity. And yes, it’s only because of their admirers and fans that celebrities enjoy stardom. Fans go mad after them. Their love for their favorites makes them follow celebrity gossips, read celebrity news and search for the hot and happening celebrity pictures.

No doubt celebrities are the most sought after personalities. But they don’t achieve this success overnight. Jennifer Lopez, too is not an exception. It will certainly be interesting to see how her career as a singer as well as an actor bloomed and also to note some exciting facts in her life.

Jennifer Lopez is a name that Stay informed will seldom need any introduction. Proven her mettle as an American actress, singer, dancer, producer and a fashion designer, Lopez has been ranked as the richest among the Latin Americans in Hollywood. Every day you will find something about this star in the celebrity gossip sections in print or on electronic media. Lopez is one the most hunted celebrities for her photos. And as far the celebrity news about Jennifer are concerned, let me tell you, almost every day you will find something about her hitting the headlines.

Jennifer Lynn Lopez was born on July 24, 1969 in Castle Hill which lies in the neighborhood of Bronx, New York. She has a nickname “La Guitarra” meaning a guitar shaped body. She was raised a Roman Catholic and was taught in Catholic schools. Apart form her contribution to the American entertainment industry; her advocacy for human rights and vaccination and her work for the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles contribute in her popularity as one of the influential celebrities in America.

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